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Welcome to BoomTown Bingo! The site that brings you the latest information on bingo sites with reviews, where to find the best bonuses and what sites have the best deals. Some of the newer players may want to get to grips with the calls, terms and slang often used in the games.

No Deposit Bingo

One thing which stops people from experiencing online bingo, is deposit fees. They lose bingo companies so much business, as people don't like paying out fee's online straight away. They need to see that a company is trusted, and honest before giving any money out. Considering the general bingo audience, you wouldn't expect them to pay out these fee's at clubs they play at, and if they do, they are much more likely to do so, as they are meeting face to face with people, and everything is much more relaxed, whereas online, there is always that essence of mistrust and obscurity.

What bingo companies need to do, is offer something for free, this is what people need to see, a kind gesture towards new members, so that they feel welcomed, as a pose to charged! Granted, most bingo and online gambling websites offer a bonus, but, this bonus is only available when you have paid a certain amount into your deposit area, which defeats the object of a bonus. You aren't getting anything for free that way, there's no kind gesture. Visitors will still feel that crunch of a bill being presented to them when they visit the bingo website, which will put them off, so where some bingo sites think they have solved the problem with this bonus, they still haven't quite figured it out.

However, some have, which is great news for new bingo players, and the hoard of already existing online gamers. Some bingo sites are now offering a free bonus, and they require no deposit! Which is really giving value and a warm welcome to new members, giving them a chance to actually play for free, without having to spend a penny! This is the message all bingo websites should be sending new members, and visitors, they will receive much more business, and provide a great service to members, everyone wins.

So where can you find these no deposit bingo sites? A website called offers a service which gives you a list of all the bingo websites, that require no deposit, and that give you a bonus. So all the hard work has been taken out of this for you, you have no searching to do, and no efforts to put in, as no deposit bingo have done it all for you! All you need to do is visit their website, and make your way through the list, and see which websites you like the most. All of the deals are clearly laid out on the website, so you can see exactly what you will receive once signed up with that particular company. Plus, this list is ever growing, and each day new bingo sites are added, so you have an endless list of secure, safe and reputable bingo websites to play with.

Each site added to the list is safety checked, so that you can ensure your bingo experience with them is safe and secure, there is nothing holding you back from trying out these sites for free, and having a game of online bingo!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

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Play Live Bingo Network Games...

Play Live Bingo Network Games is presented in this video. Personalized account managers, exclusive online bingo games and rewards, preferential features - these are definitely some good variations that keep game enthusiasts intrigued. By supplying people with loyalty points which are very easy to claim, it is much easier to keep users. Highly rated internet sites are typically ones that people can turn points into rewards. Gifts which are provided which can be not related towards the online bingo games played are in reality from many of the most successful websites. These internet websites have particular prize draws and promotions where people can win things like trips, shopping excursions as well as other things to do. These online bingoing sites also share rewards such as phones, computers and cars. You might also enjoy this These types of added bonus awards are fantastic benefits which means we’ll be particularly please by an internet site which can provide these sorts of things. It’s important to take into consideration bingoing computer software suppliers any time analysing a website; a few of the companies we look at include things like Cozy Games, Gamesys, Playtech plus Virtue Fusion. High quality development together with specialist awards for the work will also be graded more highly inside our assessments. The software influences a range of factors in terms of operation, simplicity and other offers on the website. Sister web-sites are very common inside the bingoing market - these most often have advantages compared to other online websites, even so standalone sites can be great too, and sometimes far better. Internet websites could have a more exclusive playing experience with far better offers which you would not get elsewhere. Plenty of completely new top rated bingo online websites use a mobile alternative in order that you don’t have to be looking at a pc to get involved. This permits users to play bingo games just about anywhere they want once they have got a smartphone or tablet together with access to the internet. For more information on bingo, please see this Play Live Bingo Network Games If you would like to see more videos like this, please have a look at this Here you can see more videos on online bingo. Play Live Bingo Network Games - Thanks for viewing this clip. If you enjoyed this, make sure to like as well as share it to make certain that more people can view it. If you’d like to let us know your feelings on this project, this can be done in the comments section below. When you’d like to learn more about what we do as well as the services which we can supply, take the time to subscribe to our channel Play Live Bingo Network Games


How to Place a Bet

With the advancement in technology it is now easier than ever to place a bet, and there are more things than ever to put bets on. There are literally thousands of bookmakers shops around the country if you want to place a physical bet, but there has also been a huge surge in online betting.

 There are many websites to choose from and with the advent of mobile phone apps the choice is even wider. All you need to do is register a few simple details and use a debit card to transfer money into your account. From there you are free to put bets on what you like, when you like.

If you would like some further guidance on how to place a bet in the bookies and get the very best odds and prices, simply click the link below and we’ll do the rest.

How to Put a Bet on the Grand National

The Grand National is possibly the most famous race of the horse racing calendar. The annual Aintree-based race saw a record amount of bets being placed this year, worth a staggering £250 million.

HorseRacing Betting
Horse Race Betting
Horse Racing Bets

If you want to be a part of the fun and need to know how to put a bet on the Grand National then look no further. This handy guide will tell you all you need to know. You can also find out about horse racing tips at Boomtown Bingo!

Once you chosen your horse you have a few options. You can use a betting slip at a traditional bookies, or you can place bets online. You can place bets on the Grand National online by opening an account with a bookmaker and registering a debit card.

Once your card is registered, you can either use a website or an app to place your bets and the money will be taken directly from your account.  For further options on how to place a bet at the Grand National, or if you would like to know who gives the best Grand National odds, simply click the link below.

Betting Online

Knowing about betting online could be the difference between winning big money and missing out completely. If you find it difficult to make it to a physical bookies shop due to other commitments, then placing bets online could solve the problem. There has been a huge increase in online betting purely because it is so convenient.

Basically, you will need to register a few details, including a debit/credit card. Once you have debited some money into your account you can start betting on whatever you like. Most companies offer a joining incentive and sign up bonuses such as deposit £10 and get £30 to bet for free but offers like this will vary.

For more information on online betting and who gives the best odds, check out the table at the top of this page and we will provide you with a variety of options to see what best suits your betting needs.

Betting on Football

Football remains one of the most popular sports to bet on and is a truly international game. From the English Premier League to the German Bundesliga and the World Cup, placing a bet on football is bigger than ever.

Football betting

With so many teams and leagues to bet on, it makes sense to know about football betting. The first thing to understand is what the odds mean. Odds are worked out on any number of changeable factors.

In the example of a football match it might be the current form of the two sides, whether the team are home or away, is the squad depleted with injuries, is the pitch in a good condition and so on and so on.

These odds can change right up until kick-off and even during the game, so it pays to keep an eye on those all-important odds.

To place the bet, you can either visit your local bookies or you could place it online. Online accounts are quick and easy to set up and you can place bets on the go using a phone or tablet, or from the comfort of your own home using a computer.

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If you want to find out about football betting and place bets, we can direct you to the companies that give out the very best up to date odds. Simply tap the link opposite and start winning!

How to Put on a Bet at the Races

A day at the races is a fantastic day out for all involved, but placing bets while you’re there is a slightly different experience than placing a bet at your local bookies or online. If you are attending a race soon and aren’t sure on the etiquette, read on to learn how to put on a bet at the races.

Once you have decided on which horse you want to back you need to fill in a betting slip. You then fill in the following details; the time of the race, the horse you want to back, the betting type and how much you are betting.

The bookmaker will then give you a receipt for this. Keep this receipt safe because you will need to hand this receipt in to claim your winnings!

If you need any further advice on horse betting and how to put on bets at the races or want to see the most up to date odds for a forthcoming race, just click the link below.

How to Place a Horse Bet

If you need help on how to place a bet on a horse then look no further. You could use a betting slip at a traditional bookmakers shop, or you could place bets online.

Most of the major bookies now have their own websites and apps to make placing horse bets that much more convenient.

Horse Racing Bets

Simply register a few details including a debit or credit card and you can start betting. The money for your bets will be taken from this account and any winnings will be paid back into it. You can withdraw winnings at any time.

Check out the our betting sites page to see what the biggest bookmakers can offer you.

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History of White Hart Lane

The History of White Hart Lane is a chequered and storied affair. White Hart Lane was a football stadium in the suburb of Tottenham, London and was the home of Tottenham Football Club from 1899 to 2017.

‘The Lane’ as Spurs fans knew it, hosted its final game on the 14th of May 2017, with a 2-1 win for Spurs over Manchester United. Demolition began the very next day to make way for Spurs’ new ground.

While the new stadium is being constructed, Tottenham will play their 2017-18 home fixtures at the nearby Wembley stadium. The new stadium does not as of yet have a name.

Football Bets

Tottenham Hotspurs

Tottenham Hotspurs have not always played their home games at The Lane, they started out with much more humble beginnings. Originally they played on public land at the Park Lane end of Tottenham Marshes. Because the game was being played on public land, they couldn’t charge spectators to watch.

As crowds grew, the need for bigger premises became apparent when 15,000 people crowded into their next home, a rented pitch at Asplins Farm, to see Hotspurs take on Woolwich Arsenal and the refreshment stand collapsed. The club moved to a patch of land behind the White Hart pub which would become the Ground.

Spurs Stadium

The stands from the old Spurs Stadium Ground were installed at the White Hart site and Tottenham Hotspurs played their first game at The Lane, a friendly against Notts County on the 4th of September 1899. A crowd of 5,000 people watch Hotspurs win 4-1, helped along by a David Copeland hat-trick.

Their first competitive match was held five days later in front of a crowd of 11,000 where Spurs beat QPR 1-0. Between 1904 and 1905 two large earth banks were added to the site to take its overall capacity up to 40,000. In 1908, Hotspurs entered the Second Division of the Football League and beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-0 in their first game.

Due to such great wins, a number of people have started to put bets on matches at the Spurs Stadium. Football betting is becoming more and more popular across the UK and a lot of money can be won from this.

New covered East and West stands were added by 1909, with the West Stand being the largest stand in English football. When the First World War came around, the stadium was taken over by the Ministry of War and turned into a factory making gas masks, gunnery and protection equipment.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

After the War, the ground continued to be renovated thanks to money from winning the FA Cup in 1921. The Paxton Road end received a double tiered upgrade and capacity increased to 58,000. Leaner times followed and the club were relegated to the Second Division in 1928 and would not return to the top flight until 1933, albeit only for two seasons as they were swiftly relegated again.

Despite this, in 1934 the club completely rebuilt the East Stand and introduced a double decker structure that could seat 4,983 punters and still leave room for 18,700 standing supporters. With this addition, it took the capacity up to almost 80,000.

During the Second World War the Government would again disrupt the footballing calendar. This time around, Hotspurs would have to share White Hart Lane with local rivals Arsenal as their ground Highbury had been requisitioned to be used as an Air Raid Precautions Centre.

Football betting

Second Division

After the war Tottenham were languishing within the Second Division, but upon appointing former player Arthur Rowe as manager their fortunes changed. They not only won the Second Division but upon their return to the First Division in 1950 they won that league as well. This kickstarted a run of prosperous years for Spurs that would last until the mid-1970’s.

Bill Nicholson took over as manager in 1958 and led the team to major trophy success three years in a row. Under his guidance, Spurs won the double in 1961, the FA Cup in 1962 and the Cup Winners Cup in 1963.

Nicholson also signed Jimmy Greaves in 1961. Greaves would go on to become Tottenham’s highest ever goalscorer, the fourth highest international goalscorer, the highest goalscorer in English football history and score more England hat-tricks than anyone else.

Nicholson also led Tottenham to an FA Cup in 1967, a UEFA Cup in the 1971-72 season and two League Cups in 1971 and 1973.

Tottenham Hotspurs Managers

Once Nicholson departed, Spurs’ fortunes took a turn for the worse. They were relegated after the 1976-77 season, but manager Keith Burkinshaw guided them back almost immediately and made three of Spurs most famous signings; Glenn Hoddle, Ozzy Ardiles and Ricardo Villa. Under his guidance Tottenham won back-to-back FA Cups in 1981 and 1982 and the UEFA Cup in 1984. However debt at this club would lead to boardroom changes and the introduction of Alan Sugar and Terry Venables. Venables would later sign Gary Lineker and Paul Gascoigne.

Spurs were one of the five clubs to push for the formation of The Premier League in 1992. Despite many capable managers, Spurs won very little in the Premier League with only the League Cup in 1999 and 2008 to show for their efforts.

Recently however, Tottenham have again become a force to be reckoned with, regularly finishing in the top five places and achieving Champions League football status.

Fun Facts

Spurs biggest top-flight win came on the 22nd of November 2009, where they smashed Wigan Athletic 9-1. Jermaine Defoe scored five of the nine goals. However, the clubs record win in all competitions is a 13-2 thrashing of Crewe Alexandra in the FA Cup on 3rd of February 1960.

The record attendance at White Hart Lane was 75,038 on the 15th of March 1938 when they played Sunderland in a Cup tie.

When Spurs sold Gareth bale to Real Madrid in 2013, they received a then world record club transfer fee of 100.8 million Euros for him.

When Tottenham won the League Cup in 2008 they became only the second team ever to win a major trophy in each of the last six decades - a feat matched only by Manchester United.

The club’s latin motto is Audere est Facere. This translates as ‘To Dare Is to Do’.

Tottenham Betting

Since there are a number of matches going on at White Hart Lane, Tottenham betting is becoming more and more popular. We can offer the very best football betting tips to improve your chances of winning. 

Make sure to have a look at all our different betting tips to ensure you are putting on the best bets on all of your favourite sports. 

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Play Jumpman Gaming Bingo Online...

Play Jumpman Gaming Bingo Online is presented in this video. Bingos additional bonuses all feature terms and conditions including gambling, qualified games it is possible to play and validity. Betting relates to the number of times you stake the bonus and pay in an amount. The second one would be the game playing techniques that you may play the free funds; some sites supply the bonuses for specific games exclusively. Validity is the time frame which is accessible to make use of your free of charge cash along with bonus deals. In the event you don’t, you’ll surrender it and this will be taken off your account, therefore it is always much better when you need to stake just the added bonus, definitely not greater than three or four times. It is usually advisable to engage in as many online bingo games as possible with the free bonus so think of your method sensibly. The top rated online bingo sites will have a showcase of bingo winning rates and new jackpot wins for gamers to read through. You can learn the amount of cash gained and funds given out on the site; this is known as payouts or Return to Player. From a user’s point of view the larger it is the better, it’s an important aspect whenever we evaluate operators. The RTP number is often used on slot machines and internet casino activity web pages. To see more videos like this, check this out The Return to Player number is fairly difficult to figure out for bingo games because there are a great number of issues on card prices, winning prize pots and each unique activity. Numerous online bingo sites do not show the Return to Player on their site, as the information is not always reputable. If the data are provided, we will continually involve them in our examination results. The most beneficial completely new gaming sites provide benefits for gambler devotion to be able to preserve their present clients and entice completely new people. Welcome bonuses, offers and promotions are simply small variables which are towards a very good online bingo site since the levels of competition are so high. It is because some individuals might be unfortunate with such bingo games, meaning that they might not be thinking about bonuses and discount features any longer. Furthermore, several game enthusiasts choose to replace the website they’re using once incentives and sign up bonuses are gone. For more information on bingo sites, please have a look at this page Play Jumpman Gaming Bingo Online If you are interested in watching more videos like this, please see this playlist Here you can see more videos on online bingo. Play Jumpman Gaming Bingo Online - Our team truly appreciate that you’ve used time to view this youtube clip. If you share the youtube clip all around, we’d be really happy because a wider audience might see it. If you’d like to let us know your opinions on this project, this can be done in the comments section down the page. If you need to see some more of our uploaded videos, take the time to subscribe to our channel Play Jumpman Gaming Bingo Online


Play Bingo Heaven Online...

Play Bingo Heaven Online is presented in this video. These VIP websites frequently have unique variations like account administrators, promotions and special online bingo games. Retaining customers is simple when establishing loyalty points which can be maintained easily. When it is possible for gamers to change their point systems into free gifts and diverse benefits, that makes an improved website. Rewards which are provided which are unrelated towards the online games played are in reality from the most effective websites. These sites start deals and hold prize draws in which the fortunate victors can receive a family holiday, a dinner out, a day trip or shopping deals. These online gaming web sites also offer rewards like phones, computers and vehicles. You might also enjoy this Like I said above, it is another, yet a great one, and so online bingo operators that provide these promotional offers obtain bonus points from us throughout our review analysis. Bingo Software suppliers for instance Dragonfish, Cozy Games, Microgaming, Gamesys, Playtech, Cassava, Virtue Fusion and various others are important whenever looking at a web site. The corporations will get rewarded for what they have done by self-governing bodies; we think of this particular criteria as a essential one. Lots of the attributes on the website depend on the software program, therefore for a site to have good functionality and usability the website must have top quality software programs. Sister web-sites are incredibly common inside the online bingo field - these sites will often have pros compared to other web-sites, on the other hand stand alone web-sites can be just as good, and sometimes much better. These websites may have an even more unique playing experience with better features which you wouldn’t get in other places. Probably the most successful brand new highest rated bingo sites supply applications that let users play while outdoors. Smartphones and tablets with internet access let customers play new bingo games anywhere they are. For more information on online bingo, check this out Play Bingo Heaven Online To see more videos like this, please see this video playlist Here you can see more bingo games. Play Bingo Heaven Online - Our team are grateful you have viewed the online video. If you liked this, make sure you like as well as share this video making sure that a lot more people can see it. All responses or feedback is welcome and you can enter this in the section beneath. When you want for more info about what we do along with the services that we could offer, please make sure to subscribe to our channel Play Bingo Heaven Online